The best defence is showing you’re not offended, and for Jimmy Carr the easiest way to do that is to laugh. Carr knows a thing or two about offending people — it’s bound to happen when joking about everything from disability and dwarf shortages to car crashes. No subject is off limits for the English comedian and TV host who even called himself Roger Federer’s weird little brother.

But speaking from Inverness in Scotland ahead of the last leg of his Funny Business tour, he does not expect anyone to be upset when he brings his show to Bangkok next month.

“It’s an interesting thing — no one ever gets offended at the show, no one,” Carr said.

“In this day and age, people only come to shows when they know who you are, so you’re always preaching to the choir. It’s always people who go, ‘Oh, I like him, I want to go and see him live’, and then they go and see you live.

“Sometimes when it gets reported, someone takes a joke out of context and puts it in the paper the next day and goes ‘ban this filth’ and then people are offended on behalf of someone else two days later, and you kind of lose the nuance of the joke and the fun of it. I never worry about it, because even though I believe I have freedom of speech and I’m allowed to say whatever I want, people can get offended or they are allowed to not like it or not laugh. I think it’s a bit much when people come and see your show and then say, ‘I didn’t like any of that.’ OK, don’t come again. Don’t come again, can I keep the money? Can I? Good.”

Full story here. Originally published in Brunch magazine, August 28, 2016.

Comedy, Interview

Jimmy Carr on offence


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