My Penguin Defected to North Korea … a cancer fundraiser.


Do you want a rollicking good read with the satisfaction of knowing the money you’ve spent is going to a good cause?

Are you a generous person who doesn’t mind getting stuff in return?

Here is the book for you!

“Kim Jong-un waves to me. My heart leaps.”

My Penguin Defected to North Korea is the true story of Frosty’s journey to Pyongyang and beyond in the early weeks of Kim Jong-un’s rule, and finding a new home there. It’s now available as an ebook for anyone who donates to the GoFundMe campaign helping my aunt as she undergoes treatment for breast cancer. Alternatively, you can donate through the button below and I’ll make sure the money gets there. Make sure I have your email address (come @ me at and a copy will land in your inbox as soon as humanly possible.

Sweet deal, eh? A good read for you, and the money going where it’s needed.

Here’s the description from the GoFundMe page set up for Terri:

My sister in law lost her husband two weeks before Christmas after a 3 year battle with cancer. Leaving her and their daughter behind financially strained and heart broken. He was the most kindest of men and would do anything for anyone! While still grieving she has now been diagnosed with breast cancer and needs to under go chemo and radiation for at least 6 months. Therefore she cannot work! On top of this her previous employer went broke and didn’t pay super so she has lost the insurance. If we can raise this much needed funds she can focus on her recovery and continue being a loving mum to her daughter. If you can spare a few dollars to help out family it would be greatly appreciated.

And don’t be afraid to spread the word!



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