The zombie Nazis of North Asia

If it wasn’t so tragic, the Kim dynasty and its regime would present a comic vision to the world By Michael Ruffles Two impressive and creepy railway carriages stand entombed inside an Aladdin’s cave of goodies donated by dictators and despots in a museum nestled in Mount Myohyang. Both date back to the 1950s and […]

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Send in the clones

At 80, Nobel Laureate Sir John Gurdon still harbours ambitions of breaking ground in the controversial field of genetics research By Michael Ruffles There may be no sweeter revenge for receiving a terrible school report than winning a Nobel Prize, even if it does come more than six decades later. But the most Sir John […]

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The ghosts of Pyongyang

The Korean People’s Army put us on a bus and took us away. All I had were my clothes and my passport as I took a seat on the right and got comfortable for the ride to destination unknown. This is a little like we’re going to prison, said the Frenchman to my left. Except […]

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Jimmy Carr on offence

The best defence is showing you’re not offended, and for Jimmy Carr the easiest way to do that is to laugh. Carr knows a thing or two about offending people — it’s bound to happen when joking about everything from disability and dwarf shortages to car crashes. No subject is off limits for the English […]

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